Nah…i am quiting wordpress.

Go to my blogger blog instead. It is better there!

Head to me,myself and i now!


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Dwi blogging

So confusing..i am not sure if i should use which blog..either this one or my blogspot. both are nice…any suggestions anyone??

By the way, i posted a post today at for fun. Why dontyou go read it. Haha….

Suggestions please!! tell me….

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Busy as a bee

HELP!: If you are form1 or form 2 or even primary 6, and you are finding books for next year, please come and find me.Email me at I will sell my books at very low prices.. 


This is my life for the last 2 days…

Haha…it is 2 days after PMR. I have a totally aimless lifestyle, well, not totally aimless la, just making a lot a fuss about small things because got nothing to do…haha…

me jumping like a mad monkey after coming back from the exam.

I am trying to tear the test paper after the test. Dont worry….i didnt…

Feeding buns to my dog

Kissing ZhuZhu

Many of my friends have got themselves a part-time job. I wish i could too but my dad dont allow me to work outside. Feeling pity, i have decided to become my own Bos….haha..are you thinking what I am thinking?? I want to start my own business…without any licence or whatever permit…but still legal. I am going to sell all mybooks from form 1 to form 3 to my juniors. It is a tradition for seniors to do that. Bringing books to school to sell. I even employed 2 friends to help to erase the answers in my books. 10 books for RM5. It was really hard erasing you know! My hands are blistered even after erasing 2 books so…haha..they will know that RM5 isnt so easy lo….

I really have to see all my books because MY HOUSE HAS BECOME FLOOD OF BOOKS!


More books….

a rack of books…

and EVEN more books.

and there are still some, in the store which i didnt took photo of it. It was tremendous. In fact, i am thinking of having an exhibition instead of just little stall….haha… So juniors, help to promote it, and buy it yourself. The Books sell for RM 1 or RM 2 only…very very cheap..haha…answers erased…

I really have to get this books out of mmy sight soon for new books to fill in. But i am not sure if my plans will work because our school still have a PASCA PMR program which i think it willl be reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyy B-O-R-I-N-G!! but we have to attend it anywhere.

And the orientation is coming up. Hope i am chosen for what i hope to be lo…….

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Hahaha….busy for one’s the time for me to just relax….do whatever i desire..



Okok now, i will start my plans as stated as the last last blog.

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What I am doing now: eating “salad chicken rice”, with no vegetable whatsoever, even only a few pieces of timun(cucumber) also they dont want to give and yet they call this salad chicken rice?


Last night was mid-autumn. My family and i went to Park Hotel to eat, again. My father’s colleagues and workers also went there cause  my father dont know why chia them. They brought their family too. So, you can imagine, there are a lot of kids and babies going around. Luckily, there are the good type of kids, not like a MONSTER(some stupid kid make me say I HATE KIDS!). I ate kinda lot. Didnt took any photo, awww, cause i forgot to bring the camera….or either phone…

When I came back, decided to play tang long like a kid again but sadly, alone la….

But i did took some photos

Me and my tang longs

The red little tang long

Tang Long hanging on the tree


Hanging in the dark

Happy Mid-Autumn, Happy Mooncake Festival!

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Funny Guy on Radio(focus of the way he is talking)

This morning, i am listening to a talk show. Then, this guy called in to give his opinion.

OMG! he is soooooo funny, no, i dont mean what he is talking about is funny, i mean his way of talking(this is kinda bad),

The video below is what i recorded, it was not much. Actually the front part is better but i only manage to record the later part(focus on the way he is talking):

Did you realise what he says the most?

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Haha…Just posted about the study leave. I felt really fed up with those studies. So blog more. Actually, blogging is kinda good for our language too, especially when we TYPE IT PROPERLY WITHOUT ANY ABBREVIATION OR SHORT FORMS! it is like writing an essay except you can write whatever you want, well, not anything la, but almost anything.

I was just wandering about, hmm..the week after the next one, (haha, hint:after PMR! WOOHOO!!!), what should i do? Plans plans..

1. of course, all form 3 have to attend the stupid PASCA PMR which is a program the school arrange for us.

2. SLEEP WHOLE DAY…catching some Z’s….that’s my goal:24 hours

3. Play whole day…Goal:24 hours

4. Promote and Advertise this blog

5. ORIENTATION 2008 preparation..woohoo..hope i am chosen!!

6.  I want to go travelling…Maybe to Kuching and Singapore

7. Blog more…

8. Online more…..

9. Shopping more….

10. at the last but the least too..tidy my desk.

That’s what i have in my mind now. Maybe more and more when I am after PMR!!! YEAH!!!

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