Awful colourings……

Are we still 3 years old or what? Today, in our Arts Lesson, we are told to colour a picture. OMG, i’d never do this in light years! It was a picture of a fish, vege, apple, orange, bread, papaya, strawberry, milk and butter. Colouring is really tiring, no wonder kids always get sleepy so fast cause i think they did a lot of colouring.

Well, i was still trying my best to impress teacher. But, hey, when you cant impress teacher the good way or gain attention, what should you do? GO THE OTHER WAY ROUND! Surely it was not me who went the other way. Choon Man, Ken and Jai Seng and that includes Amos too.

They got the attention from the whole class. Choon Man kept saying:”This is what I call creativity!” then he goes about the picasso thing la, what paintings la. Guess what colour did he choose for his foods? Abnormal colours.

Fish – red , Strawberry – purple, Apple-yellow, bread, green, vege-purple …..i cant continue like this, it was really too terrible!

Then Jai Seng too. He is trying do to something like ‘mosaic’ on his foods, those that will make you feel like vomiting. Ken, just awful enough. 3 of them get the WORST grade ever for 3A class history. Z!

Imagine someone having a Z for ART! I am not being so sombong and all that just that Z! i thought that only happens in cartoons, no, even cartoons only go as far as F. So horrible.

p/s: Critics in our class start to talk about them wasting papers, cutting down tree and the earth is DOOMED! crazy class….


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