Rhino, as every know today, is really an endangered species. We always study: rhino-endangered species, loss of habitat, wanted for horns, Hutan Simpan Endau Rompin. But, when do you really start to take a PRACTICAL action??

Just like we always write in our essays, we need to protect our environment through conservation adn preservation, but when do you really start to do that? after we write about it, we go out of the class, saw a river-throw rubbish in it, saw rubbish – burn in. Inmorallity. But our friend Sumatran Rhino, has no time to wait, for you change your attitude ‘tomorrow’. Actions must be taken today!

a happy mother and son sumatran rhinomommy and son

I love rhino and i hope you would too. They didnt harm us, so why should we harm them?

Learn more about rhino and support Honda to save them at



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  1. Rhino is very very cute. I love rhinnnnooooooo

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