Free 2 Be Amplified Concert 2007

Whoa..Free 2 be, a christian concert which can really be called ‘rocking’ while prasing GOD!!! This concert was held every year in Miri. Last year, i didnt go for it. It was held at Dewan Suara. Luckily I didnt go for it cause i heard about people scolding them because everyone was jumping like mad and they are scared if the whole floor will drop down. haha…



 This year, it was in Indoor Stadium. I can gurantee we can jump how much we like u ntil our leg patah we are still allowed to jump!! I was lucky enough to buy my ticket early for night 2, 18/8/07.


 This year’s speaker is Chris Leong. I think he is the same guy as last time i went to free 2 be.

So, why still waiting? Grab the bag, put up your make-up and let’s go!!

Whoa, there was really a lot of people going. We grab ourself a good seat and the concert finallt started. But why bother the seat anyway? Once it was started, everyone rushed up to the stage and start to jump like MAD! w I was a monkey i think. Hhaaha but who cares, everyone was like that too…:p

We sang lots of songs and the band was really cool. Ian was the ‘MC’ that night. He did really well to bring up the ‘high’ in the concert.

After long time of jumping, singing, shouting…..Everyone was told to calm down and sit back. Then, speaker starts talking. I think he is a mid-age guy lo, but still really cool. he talked ab0ut lots of things about God and has good sense of humour too.

The translater behind him (the bold guy with blue superman shirt) was really nice too. he really translelate everything the guy said. He could think really fast la (even pro than epsilon translation, no offense, John.) , translate everything from english to malay that moment the guy said. That must a gift from God!

Lastly, Rev.Chris Leong prayed for us all. We stand there, hand on friends’ shoulder praying. I heard many girls crying and some boys too.  One of them crying so loud and one so…terrible, but, it’s ok, i understand.

We all went back happily ever after!!

I love Jesus.


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