HALO cafe, the cafe which produce a lot of superstar like Fish Leong has finally opened in this unknown little city of ours, Miri! I went there twice already and thought this a prefect place to introduce to the world.

It got great environment and decoration in the shop!…very classy and modern.

With a CD rack which put all the albums of artists which came to this shop before.

Even before you started to order, you will be amazed by its MENU!

Guitar-shaped menu, how cool is that? Well, i didnt idiotly play ‘menu-guitar’ with it. Haha.

Then, i started to go through the foods. They all have special names like Halo Chicken Chop, Xiao Tien Tien Chicken….It was really funny. But what i like most  is its drinks. I ordered Ice World(combination of grape, lemon and soda) last time and this time, i ordered California Sunshine (Strawberry, Mango and soda). It even got little bits of star-shaped Nata de Coco inside, yum! (but as a reminder, this drink is quite expensve, about RM10.90, so if you cant afford it, try some Passion Green Tea which is really nice as well).

All its drinks is serve in special glasses with a super long bendy straw which is tie into a knot. Haha, it was really colourful and i really like it very much. I remember bringing one back last time but sort of  lost it. :p

There is me, sucking away my California Sunshine.

Finally, my food was served, Sausage Platter. 3 sausage served with spaghetti, vegetable fried with blackpepper and mashed potato. In spite of its price, it was served in ‘SUPER LARGE PORTION’. I ate until i feel like vomiting.

After the food, it was already 8.15 pm and the show finally start. THE SINGERS THAT SING LIVE WITH KEYBOARD PLAYER WITHOUT KARAOKE PLAYER!!!

They sang really well. I think this is so cool cause i cant figure out how they could remember lyrics of every song we demanded. Ok, i admit, not all the song they could sing but almost all!! By the way, the girl in the middle is kinda cute.

This place is so nice that you would want to stay for the rest of the night just sitting there and listen to the music. So, remember to come!

Halo Cafe Miri is situated at the Former Standard Charted Bank, opposite of Imperial Mall.



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4 responses to “HALO Cafe

  1. Mornic

    Woo. the HALO cafe. We have one here too in our city. It was really cool. The interior design here is nice too.
    In my group, going to HALO cafe is kinda symbol of status. The more often you go, the higher status you have.(actually they mean how rich you are, cause i understand the cost). What a stupid conpetition!

  2. Yong Tze

    (where got like this de, force ppl to read your blog..haha..no la, just kidding la)
    Haha..so you went there too. Why didnt you tell me!!!???
    I went there too, last saturday.
    Very Expensive la….what la you , hien again la? went there twice…ya la yala very rich la.
    * this sat MG club got meeting o…see you there.

  3. Jessica

    Hello. Just drop by to say hi!
    Halo cafe is very cool!!!…

  4. To Yong Tze,
    If i am not forcing you to come, you wont come. When i am talking to you about it, you say you dont know again. So force you lo. Not bad le. haha. Ok, thanks for informing me about the meeting.

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