Funny Doggy!

What am I d oing now: Uploading a Video at YouTube.

Haha…Just played with one of my pet dog, BoyBoy. Did I mentioned before about my pets? Nevermind, just go to My Pets to know about them.

So, I know PMR is just around the corner, I have to study bla bla bla. No, I am not being arrogant or thinking i dont have to study whatever. But!!! All works and no play makes Jill a dull girl!!! So work hard and play hard cause I dont want to a be DULL! I have been studying for whole day long, so play time now.

I just played with my BoyBoy just now. It was really funny. Did you ever see a dog sitting in a small drain. I have took a video of it. Click below to watch it(You will go OMG!):

And the following is me dogging instead of fishing:


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  1. still uploading the fishing dogging video…wait for a while!! THANK YOU!

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