Haha…Just posted about the study leave. I felt really fed up with those studies. So blog more. Actually, blogging is kinda good for our language too, especially when we TYPE IT PROPERLY WITHOUT ANY ABBREVIATION OR SHORT FORMS! it is like writing an essay except you can write whatever you want, well, not anything la, but almost anything.

I was just wandering about, hmm..the week after the next one, (haha, hint:after PMR! WOOHOO!!!), what should i do? Plans plans..

1. of course, all form 3 have to attend the stupid PASCA PMR which is a program the school arrange for us.

2. SLEEP WHOLE DAY…catching some Z’s….that’s my goal:24 hours

3. Play whole day…Goal:24 hours

4. Promote and Advertise this blog

5. ORIENTATION 2008 preparation..woohoo..hope i am chosen!!

6.  I want to go travelling…Maybe to Kuching and Singapore

7. Blog more…

8. Online more…..

9. Shopping more….

10. at the last but the least too..tidy my desk.

That’s what i have in my mind now. Maybe more and more when I am after PMR!!! YEAH!!!


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