The first day of my study leave

“Aahhh…it is so nice to have holiday!” I thought this morning when i woke up at 7am. Well, 7am is kinda early for a holiday. Wait a minute, THIS IS NOT A HOLIDAY! this is only a study leave. Aaaww….i have to study.

Our school has given a few top class of form 3 to have study leave while the rest are studying in school. I tried to study at home. It was kinda lonely when I first wake up and found no one at home. Everyone has gone to work. Even my mom has went to school.

I decided not to waste time wandering around doing nothing. Grabbed my books. “hhmm…today, I am going revise…Sejarah.”Sejarah(history) was the most frightening subject of all. But luckily, i still manage to understand it as I had already revised again and again in my last 2 trial exams.

I ran up to the balcony and look. Nice! 7am, not much sun, windy and really cool. Sitting on the empty floor felt kinda weird. I spread out all my books. Wait, my stomach’s grumbling. I fixed myself some breakfast-Cheese biscuit with Chinese tea. Easy enough but still tasty. Putting the food beside my books at the balcony. Then, i started to do the practices in those books.

The sun’s getting up and I was soon ‘tanning’ myself under the sun. It’s 10am. I went to school. It felt really weird for me to was the orientation t-shirt, shorts and slippers to school during study hour. Everyone is wearing their uniform. Many people stared at me. I’ve met many seniors. Each one of them will ask, “isnt it study leave for you guys? why did you come to school?” Because, I want to ask teacher something la. But the history teacher is so busy! I have to wait and wait and wait. Plus, annoying Joseph keep blocking the way.

Until Lunch time, teacher is still not done yet. After having my lunch, FINALLY! I get the chance to ask teacher about it. But after that, I am still stuck in school until 3pm cause i have to wait for my mom. When i reached home, I was really exhausted.

p/s:playing computer is the way to gain energy, haha, to me, of course!


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