What I am doing now: eating “salad chicken rice”, with no vegetable whatsoever, even only a few pieces of timun(cucumber) also they dont want to give and yet they call this salad chicken rice?


Last night was mid-autumn. My family and i went to Park Hotel to eat, again. My father’s colleagues and workers also went there cause  my father dont know why chia them. They brought their family too. So, you can imagine, there are a lot of kids and babies going around. Luckily, there are the good type of kids, not like a MONSTER(some stupid kid make me say I HATE KIDS!). I ate kinda lot. Didnt took any photo, awww, cause i forgot to bring the camera….or either phone…

When I came back, decided to play tang long like a kid again but sadly, alone la….

But i did took some photos

Me and my tang longs

The red little tang long

Tang Long hanging on the tree


Hanging in the dark

Happy Mid-Autumn, Happy Mooncake Festival!


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