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Nah…i am quiting wordpress.

Go to my blogger blog instead. It is better there!

Head to me,myself and i now!


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Dwi blogging

So confusing..i am not sure if i should use which blog..either this one or my blogspot. both are nice…any suggestions anyone??

By the way, i posted a post today at for fun. Why dontyou go read it. Haha….

Suggestions please!! tell me….

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Busy as a bee

HELP!: If you are form1 or form 2 or even primary 6, and you are finding books for next year, please come and find me.Email me at I will sell my books at very low prices.. 


This is my life for the last 2 days…

Haha…it is 2 days after PMR. I have a totally aimless lifestyle, well, not totally aimless la, just making a lot a fuss about small things because got nothing to do…haha…

me jumping like a mad monkey after coming back from the exam.

I am trying to tear the test paper after the test. Dont worry….i didnt…

Feeding buns to my dog

Kissing ZhuZhu

Many of my friends have got themselves a part-time job. I wish i could too but my dad dont allow me to work outside. Feeling pity, i have decided to become my own Bos….haha..are you thinking what I am thinking?? I want to start my own business…without any licence or whatever permit…but still legal. I am going to sell all mybooks from form 1 to form 3 to my juniors. It is a tradition for seniors to do that. Bringing books to school to sell. I even employed 2 friends to help to erase the answers in my books. 10 books for RM5. It was really hard erasing you know! My hands are blistered even after erasing 2 books so…haha..they will know that RM5 isnt so easy lo….

I really have to see all my books because MY HOUSE HAS BECOME FLOOD OF BOOKS!


More books….

a rack of books…

and EVEN more books.

and there are still some, in the store which i didnt took photo of it. It was tremendous. In fact, i am thinking of having an exhibition instead of just little stall….haha… So juniors, help to promote it, and buy it yourself. The Books sell for RM 1 or RM 2 only…very very cheap..haha…answers erased…

I really have to get this books out of mmy sight soon for new books to fill in. But i am not sure if my plans will work because our school still have a PASCA PMR program which i think it willl be reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyy B-O-R-I-N-G!! but we have to attend it anywhere.

And the orientation is coming up. Hope i am chosen for what i hope to be lo…….

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Hahaha….busy for one’s the time for me to just relax….do whatever i desire..



Okok now, i will start my plans as stated as the last last blog.

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