This is me.

Name: Christine Wong

Pets: Zhu Zhu, Boy Boy and Toto (dogs)+ countless fish! or fishes….

House address: No.101, Hollywood Street, Beverly Hills

And some more crappy info:

~ I love God
~ I laugh like a physco
~ I am always the CRAZY one among my friends (i do ‘extraordinary’ stuffs).
~ I like my dogs (ZhuZhu BoyBoy ToTO)
~ I am really brave in showing my feelings ( laugh cry angry…)
~ I like sleeping, watching television, online, travelling, dancing, playing
~ I like pink
~ Gah, i talk craps
~ I like blogging too
~ I always enjoy everything i do!
~ I hate stupid ppl who poses and think they look sooo cute
~ If you read my blog, you are very cute even though you do pose stupidly
~ I like to eat western food
~ My favourtie writer is Jacqueline Wilson
~ I hope to be successful!!!

Surely there’s more to be written, but why not just read my posts!


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