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What I am doing now other than blogging: sitting in front of TV, chewing my mentos, Yum..

This is the second last week for me to suffer!!!! After this 2 weeks, I’ll be free, I can run like the wind! YEAH!


First, i have to pass through this bloody PMR. The Penilaian Menengah Rendah. I am sure every Malaysian, who have proper education nowadays has to pass through this exam in order to continue our study to Form 4. I know, I know, you may be thinking, HELLO GIRL! THIS IS ONLY PMR! Well, i can tell you, it is  important to me!!

No, neither my mom will  smack me nor the principal or teacher will give me strokes, but it is the pressure around. Especially when you are in my class. The pressure is like when you are inside a pressure cooker and it is cooking at its peak! It is really scary but kinda ‘exciting’ too. 

Ok, now some funny thing about me.

Last ISCF meeting, we are called to pray for the whole 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was after the lunch time. I keep on sleeping, i mean like terangguk-angguk. I hope no one sees me sleeping. When praying for us, the PMR students, we are asked to stand in front of everyone. I REALLY COULD FEEL THE POWER OF GOD INSIDE!! haha…

Whatever la, just i must study now. PMR 8A! That is MY GOAL!!! I MUST AChievE it! Everyone JIA YOU!!!

(any form 3 students who has problems in their studies, you can find me and we can discuss the problem together..haha)


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