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What I am doing now: eating “salad chicken rice”, with no vegetable whatsoever, even only a few pieces of timun(cucumber) also they dont want to give and yet they call this salad chicken rice?


Last night was mid-autumn. My family and i went to Park Hotel to eat, again. My father’s colleagues and workers also went there cause¬† my father dont know why chia them. They brought their family too. So, you can imagine, there are a lot of kids and babies going around. Luckily, there are the good type of kids, not like a MONSTER(some stupid kid make me say I HATE KIDS!). I ate kinda lot. Didnt took any photo, awww, cause i forgot to bring the camera….or either phone…

When I came back, decided to play tang long like a kid again but sadly, alone la….

But i did took some photos

Me and my tang longs

The red little tang long

Tang Long hanging on the tree


Hanging in the dark

Happy Mid-Autumn, Happy Mooncake Festival!


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(I am 100% sure there are more than 100 blogs having a post like this today..haha)

Malaysia…a little small tiny weenie country in the world, independent in 31 August 1957. This is the most celebrate occasion in this country. This year is the 50th independence year! so woo hoo!! cheers for our country for being independent for half a century!

So..after seeing those celebration in Dataran Merdeka or whatsoever stadium of your own city, what is so damn good about Malaysia? Why should the Britain give us freedom? Why should we shout MERDEKA! like mad man in the middle of the night? and why should someone make a ‘bravo’ slogan like ‘Malaysiaku GEMILANG!’ this year? So…i am going to tell all of you wanderers out there all about it now, except about the normal twin tower menara and eyes on kl things…


We have probably the most ‘fashionable’, ‘trendy’ looking flag, Jalur Gemilang.

Jalur Gemilang!

Haha..waving in the air….good catch!

Then, what most Malay are proud of…their Bahasa Malaysia..our own language.

A MUST pass language or you will be very sorry. But it is not hard la. We study BM, Kemahiran Hidup, Sejarah, Geography in Malay medium. This language very important you know, cause it was the lingua franca of the Malacca Port in 15th century!

Then, we have the KING OF FRUITS! DURIAN…yumm…it may be as sweet and smells nice if you like it, especially if you are a Malaysian, you should love it. But it may be extremly yucky to others.

See..yummy…liu lian…(*durian)

We also have beautiful sky with rainbow..all the time(no la, but more often than most countries)

Another Take!

In Malaysia, we have a lot of animals and even the most precious ones on earth in our tropical rain forest. But why search until so deep inside, we can even see the cutest ones in our house compound!


And last but not least the most important one of all…We have



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