My Pets

I have many pets at my home.

Pity Fishes

My 1st 2 fished are Hua Luo Han(those fish with a bump on their forehead). They are really hot-tempered or can be said as ‘aggressive’ fish species. People often say these fishes will bring good money luck to the owner, especially when the fish have numbers on their scales, you are advised to buy Toto. We have to separate them two or they will kill each other. Then I added another Hua Luo Han when one of it dies. Then this new fis dies too. Why? One of the stupid fish killed all. At last, that totally aggressive fish dies too due to aging.

Then, I fed 12 Japanese Koi. These fishes are commonly fed at lakes in parks. They are really special and pretty. First, one fish died, dont know why. Then, the second fish died. Ok, I think this one dies because of depression. It IS TOO STRESS!!! that’s what I think so. One morning, when I wake up, I saw it on the ground. I was like, “What? how? who? when?” The aquarium was kinda high up from the floor. It actually committed suicide. Nowadays, not only Human can suicide, even fish knows how to do it. Then, the third one died. This one died because it was lack of oxygen and it was sick too. My house has no electricity a few days ago so the pump in the fish tank could not work. The oxygen level in the aquarium was really low. Imagine when you and another 50 people were trapped in an air tight bus. So that makes it 9 fishes in the tank now. 9 is a really good number right?

I also have 6 small fish in the fountain outside my house. Nothing much about them cause we dont really care.

My Lovable Doggies

I have 3 Dogs, Boy Boy the Rottweiler, Zhu Zhu the Shih Tzu and ToTo the German Shepherd. Dont ask about why that german shepherd got the same name as the Toto shop, i just saw it on the way i am bringing it home, that’s it. I love ZhuZhu most,  its fluffy fur and face like the lion dance’s lion . It got funny character too. I am sure you will love it if you sees it. You can go to its friendster account to see its pics. Ya, its own account.


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