The first day of my study leave

“Aahhh…it is so nice to have holiday!” I thought this morning when i woke up at 7am. Well, 7am is kinda early for a holiday. Wait a minute, THIS IS NOT A HOLIDAY! this is only a study leave. Aaaww….i have to study.

Our school has given a few top class of form 3 to have study leave while the rest are studying in school. I tried to study at home. It was kinda lonely when I first wake up and found no one at home. Everyone has gone to work. Even my mom has went to school.

I decided not to waste time wandering around doing nothing. Grabbed my books. “hhmm…today, I am going revise…Sejarah.”Sejarah(history) was the most frightening subject of all. But luckily, i still manage to understand it as I had already revised again and again in my last 2 trial exams.

I ran up to the balcony and look. Nice! 7am, not much sun, windy and really cool. Sitting on the empty floor felt kinda weird. I spread out all my books. Wait, my stomach’s grumbling. I fixed myself some breakfast-Cheese biscuit with Chinese tea. Easy enough but still tasty. Putting the food beside my books at the balcony. Then, i started to do the practices in those books.

The sun’s getting up and I was soon ‘tanning’ myself under the sun. It’s 10am. I went to school. It felt really weird for me to was the orientation t-shirt, shorts and slippers to school during study hour. Everyone is wearing their uniform. Many people stared at me. I’ve met many seniors. Each one of them will ask, “isnt it study leave for you guys? why did you come to school?” Because, I want to ask teacher something la. But the history teacher is so busy! I have to wait and wait and wait. Plus, annoying Joseph keep blocking the way.

Until Lunch time, teacher is still not done yet. After having my lunch, FINALLY! I get the chance to ask teacher about it. But after that, I am still stuck in school until 3pm cause i have to wait for my mom. When i reached home, I was really exhausted.

p/s:playing computer is the way to gain energy, haha, to me, of course!


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Funny Doggy!

What am I d oing now: Uploading a Video at YouTube.

Haha…Just played with one of my pet dog, BoyBoy. Did I mentioned before about my pets? Nevermind, just go to My Pets to know about them.

So, I know PMR is just around the corner, I have to study bla bla bla. No, I am not being arrogant or thinking i dont have to study whatever. But!!! All works and no play makes Jill a dull girl!!! So work hard and play hard cause I dont want to a be DULL! I have been studying for whole day long, so play time now.

I just played with my BoyBoy just now. It was really funny. Did you ever see a dog sitting in a small drain. I have took a video of it. Click below to watch it(You will go OMG!):

And the following is me dogging instead of fishing:

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What I am doing now other than blogging: sitting in front of TV, chewing my mentos, Yum..

This is the second last week for me to suffer!!!! After this 2 weeks, I’ll be free, I can run like the wind! YEAH!


First, i have to pass through this bloody PMR. The Penilaian Menengah Rendah. I am sure every Malaysian, who have proper education nowadays has to pass through this exam in order to continue our study to Form 4. I know, I know, you may be thinking, HELLO GIRL! THIS IS ONLY PMR! Well, i can tell you, it is  important to me!!

No, neither my mom will  smack me nor the principal or teacher will give me strokes, but it is the pressure around. Especially when you are in my class. The pressure is like when you are inside a pressure cooker and it is cooking at its peak! It is really scary but kinda ‘exciting’ too. 

Ok, now some funny thing about me.

Last ISCF meeting, we are called to pray for the whole 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was after the lunch time. I keep on sleeping, i mean like terangguk-angguk. I hope no one sees me sleeping. When praying for us, the PMR students, we are asked to stand in front of everyone. I REALLY COULD FEEL THE POWER OF GOD INSIDE!! haha…

Whatever la, just i must study now. PMR 8A! That is MY GOAL!!! I MUST AChievE it! Everyone JIA YOU!!!

(any form 3 students who has problems in their studies, you can find me and we can discuss the problem together..haha)

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HALO cafe, the cafe which produce a lot of superstar like Fish Leong has finally opened in this unknown little city of ours, Miri! I went there twice already and thought this a prefect place to introduce to the world.

It got great environment and decoration in the shop!…very classy and modern.

With a CD rack which put all the albums of artists which came to this shop before.

Even before you started to order, you will be amazed by its MENU!

Guitar-shaped menu, how cool is that? Well, i didnt idiotly play ‘menu-guitar’ with it. Haha.

Then, i started to go through the foods. They all have special names like Halo Chicken Chop, Xiao Tien Tien Chicken….It was really funny. But what i like most  is its drinks. I ordered Ice World(combination of grape, lemon and soda) last time and this time, i ordered California Sunshine (Strawberry, Mango and soda). It even got little bits of star-shaped Nata de Coco inside, yum! (but as a reminder, this drink is quite expensve, about RM10.90, so if you cant afford it, try some Passion Green Tea which is really nice as well).

All its drinks is serve in special glasses with a super long bendy straw which is tie into a knot. Haha, it was really colourful and i really like it very much. I remember bringing one back last time but sort of  lost it. :p

There is me, sucking away my California Sunshine.

Finally, my food was served, Sausage Platter. 3 sausage served with spaghetti, vegetable fried with blackpepper and mashed potato. In spite of its price, it was served in ‘SUPER LARGE PORTION’. I ate until i feel like vomiting.

After the food, it was already 8.15 pm and the show finally start. THE SINGERS THAT SING LIVE WITH KEYBOARD PLAYER WITHOUT KARAOKE PLAYER!!!

They sang really well. I think this is so cool cause i cant figure out how they could remember lyrics of every song we demanded. Ok, i admit, not all the song they could sing but almost all!! By the way, the girl in the middle is kinda cute.

This place is so nice that you would want to stay for the rest of the night just sitting there and listen to the music. So, remember to come!

Halo Cafe Miri is situated at the Former Standard Charted Bank, opposite of Imperial Mall.


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Material Girls

Just watched a movie—- Material Girls!

Starring Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff and Anjelica Huston.

This movie is about 2 girls facing MAJOR cosmetic problem because the their father, who create a company and some cosmetics and died has been accused that the cosmetics have toxic in it. And at this time, they still burned their house, lost their Mercedes and friends.

They are forced to experience the REGULAR, NORMAL, PEASANT life which they never had before. Taking a bus and walking on the street without pathway seems like big problem to these brads but then, they learn to stand up against all odds. They learn not to spend unnecessarily and be persevere in whatever they do. They learn to rent an old, nearly-dead car instead of BMW to find clues about the accuse of the cosmetics.

Finally, they got all the clue and….they got their boyfriends too. I present to you—Ava and Tanzi Marchetta!

If you are feeling down or defeated, this movie is really motivating. So, get some popcorn, make yourself comfy and roll the movie!

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(I am 100% sure there are more than 100 blogs having a post like this today..haha)

Malaysia…a little small tiny weenie country in the world, independent in 31 August 1957. This is the most celebrate occasion in this country. This year is the 50th independence year! so woo hoo!! cheers for our country for being independent for half a century!

So..after seeing those celebration in Dataran Merdeka or whatsoever stadium of your own city, what is so damn good about Malaysia? Why should the Britain give us freedom? Why should we shout MERDEKA! like mad man in the middle of the night? and why should someone make a ‘bravo’ slogan like ‘Malaysiaku GEMILANG!’ this year? So…i am going to tell all of you wanderers out there all about it now, except about the normal twin tower menara and eyes on kl things…


We have probably the most ‘fashionable’, ‘trendy’ looking flag, Jalur Gemilang.

Jalur Gemilang!

Haha..waving in the air….good catch!

Then, what most Malay are proud of…their Bahasa Malaysia..our own language.

A MUST pass language or you will be very sorry. But it is not hard la. We study BM, Kemahiran Hidup, Sejarah, Geography in Malay medium. This language very important you know, cause it was the lingua franca of the Malacca Port in 15th century!

Then, we have the KING OF FRUITS! DURIAN…yumm…it may be as sweet and smells nice if you like it, especially if you are a Malaysian, you should love it. But it may be extremly yucky to others.

See..yummy…liu lian…(*durian)

We also have beautiful sky with rainbow..all the time(no la, but more often than most countries)

Another Take!

In Malaysia, we have a lot of animals and even the most precious ones on earth in our tropical rain forest. But why search until so deep inside, we can even see the cutest ones in our house compound!


And last but not least the most important one of all…We have



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Free 2 Be Amplified Concert 2007

Whoa..Free 2 be, a christian concert which can really be called ‘rocking’ while prasing GOD!!! This concert was held every year in Miri. Last year, i didnt go for it. It was held at Dewan Suara. Luckily I didnt go for it cause i heard about people scolding them because everyone was jumping like mad and they are scared if the whole floor will drop down. haha…



 This year, it was in Indoor Stadium. I can gurantee we can jump how much we like u ntil our leg patah we are still allowed to jump!! I was lucky enough to buy my ticket early for night 2, 18/8/07.


 This year’s speaker is Chris Leong. I think he is the same guy as last time i went to free 2 be.

So, why still waiting? Grab the bag, put up your make-up and let’s go!!

Whoa, there was really a lot of people going. We grab ourself a good seat and the concert finallt started. But why bother the seat anyway? Once it was started, everyone rushed up to the stage and start to jump like MAD! w I was a monkey i think. Hhaaha but who cares, everyone was like that too…:p

We sang lots of songs and the band was really cool. Ian was the ‘MC’ that night. He did really well to bring up the ‘high’ in the concert.

After long time of jumping, singing, shouting…..Everyone was told to calm down and sit back. Then, speaker starts talking. I think he is a mid-age guy lo, but still really cool. he talked ab0ut lots of things about God and has good sense of humour too.

The translater behind him (the bold guy with blue superman shirt) was really nice too. he really translelate everything the guy said. He could think really fast la (even pro than epsilon translation, no offense, John.) , translate everything from english to malay that moment the guy said. That must a gift from God!

Lastly, Rev.Chris Leong prayed for us all. We stand there, hand on friends’ shoulder praying. I heard many girls crying and some boys too.  One of them crying so loud and one so…terrible, but, it’s ok, i understand.

We all went back happily ever after!!

I love Jesus.

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